Borrowby North Yorkshire

A village of steep streets and narrow lanes, it has a wide view from its little hilltop between the Hambleton Hills and the great Plain of York. Standing by the old cross on the green, we look for miles over the Plain, so richly wooded and dotted with towns and villages that an ambassador at Henry the Eighth's Court once declared the view without parallel in Europe.

(from Arthur Mee's Yorkshire North Riding)

Population about 390

No shops, no public transport

Pub The Wheatsheaf Inn

Mobile Post Office 11.15-12.15
Tue & Thu

Postcode YO7 4QL village centre

Grid Reference SE426 894

Height (ASL) approx. 100 metres

Street Map

Tel 01845 537XXX
Broadband around 4Mb max (2013)

Borrowby Methodist Church (The Chapel)

Borrowby Methodist Church 1878

Borrowby Methodist Church History, service times.

Borrowby Parish Council Contact details and minutes

Village Hall Brochure, Newsletters Booking details

An Old Map of Borrowby Scan of 1928 25inch Ordinance survey sheet

Old photographs of Borrowby

Borrowby on the Map find the village get directions etc

borrowby thirsk north yorkshire chestnut bank 22/12/01
chestnut bank 22/12/01
old photograph showing view up chestnut bank

Borrowby Thirsk North Yorkshire
A view from under the Chestnut Tree

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