Kepwick North Yorkshire

Kepwick North Yorkshire

Kepwick is 8 miles from Thirsk on the eastern edge of the Hambleton Hills within the North York Moors national park

Grid Ref:SE450900 54:18:13N, 1:18:36W Location Map

Post Office: Tuesday & Thursday 9-5 closed lunch 12:30-1:30

The land was held by the Knout and de Fauconberg families in Norman times. Richard Knout (Knut or Canute?) was Eva of Boltby's second husband, 1284-92. (See effigies in Felixkirk.)

Kepwick North YorkshireOriginally the private chapel was the Mission room and was rebuilt and expanded by the Warner family, whose only son was shot down during World War I whilst serving with the R.F.C. against Richthofen's flying circus. His late sister was the basis of one of Herriot's characters who owned a lively pekinese dog.

Kepwick Chapel North Yorkshire

Memorial Chapel Kepwick

The private chapel which now belongs to the Guthe family was built in 1894. It has some fine glass and a good Harrison organ. The West Window depicts St Michael and the more heroic biblical characters and saints. The East Window depicts the Resurrection, designed by Clayton & Bell after World War I.